Saturday, December 31, 2011


 2012 is sure to be interesting, full of challenge and for many, a time of growth. I am not a prophet of world events, I am often asked for predictions around this time of year. Some readers talk about sports teams, celebrities and politics, and fun as that may be I don't generally get vibes around those things. I have to point out that my area of work is more on a personal level with people. The individual challenges we face, but there is much from that which shows me trends and patterns that affect us all.

 I believe this year is the end of an epoch, and we will look back on it as a starting point, the seeds of which have been already sprouting over the last few decades. I will be talking about this and a few other things tomorrow (New Year's Day) on a local radio show with astrologer Brenda Johnson, her program "Shamanic Times" is on CKUW 95.9FM at 1:30 PM, there are podcasts that you can listen to in the show's archives and this will be added to that*, I will update this post when that becomes available. The link to Brenda's webpage and to more information about the show itself is:

*The archive of shows is at and our exchange is the January 1st program, as we had the opportunity to start a half hour earlier (the show is normally a half hour) unfortunately the archive only caught the last half hour of the program. It comes in amid a discussion on male and female energetic work.  Brenda is so informative about the astrological aspects and was a very gracious host and has kindly invited me back. I will post when that is to be and her weekly show is something I always get a lot out of.

Further to 2012, I have posted the following clip on the  Trevorsense Facebook page and will share it again here. A wonderful old song by Cole Porter, it expresses a lot of my feelings of joy in the face of challenge; "Let's Face The Music And Dance"!

I'd like to also mention that 2012 marks 30 years of my work professionally. I have to thank the many friends, teachers, patrons and colleagues that have helped and that I still learn from. A very blessed, happy and constructive 2012 to one and all!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Tis the Season

Here we are in December 2011, time to look back on a year of challenge and change and to be close with the people and things that count. I always find December to be a month of extremes and an especially  important time to just be in the moment, whether that's a quiet walk in the snow or the need to be patient when standing in line in a crowded mall.

For myself, the holidays have become much simpler in the last few years. Most of the kids in my family have grown, some of my family lives out of town. My mother (she is 84) and I will probably have a quiet afternoon together and dinner. There's also some holiday gatherings and areas of community where I sometimes volunteer and it's always wonderful to see people who come back to Winnipeg for a visit.

For many people, the holidays are also a traditional time for readings, whether it's the Solstice, New Years or just the fact that we have a little free time. Sometimes there's a last minute rush to get in (so it's good to book ahead to ensure a time that is convenient for yourself and friends).

Amid all the hustle and bustle, many of my friends and clients work with and contribute to charities; one that I heard of recently is WISH - Women In Secondary Housing, which helps women and families transitioning away from abusive situations. I have done readings for charity fundraisers from time to time, I have had a lot of fun working with Gio's Cares and they have helped many people locally through individual gift packages as well as donations to many areas of service. I also have a personal grattitude to the Christmas Cheer Board.

Some other local suggestions are:
Children's Hospital
If anyone would like to post additional suggestions for local charities, feel free to use the "post a comment" feature (below this article)

However you observe this special time of year, whether in gratitude for abundance or if you are struggling, I wish you all the very best for 2012. Stay close, stay safe and as our little planet makes another trip round the sun, remember we are all in this together!
Much Love,