Friday, January 14, 2011

In the news...Horoscope changes? Mayans? Home Parties? And an upcoming fundraising psychic fair...Enjoy!

Greetings and a happy new year! As we settle into the post holiday return to routine and order, I've been contacted by local media on one or two issues.

Invariably around New Year's I get asked for predictions on everything from the future of our local football team to what will happen in the lives of celebrities. I generally decline these interviews as it isn't my area of work. For those that purport to have that insight, I quite willingly step aside. I also seem to get calls around Friday the 13th and Halloween when people want something "spooky", not my style but thanks for asking.

I DID do a recent interview for the University Of Winnipeg's Paper The Uniter, where two other readers and myself were asked to comment on our work, the article reflects different points of view and also has a tongue in cheek parody of zodiacal predictions. I don't mind the humor and the interviewer was kind in letting me stick to what I do, here's a link to it:
From the January 13th 2011 Uniter

Also in the news there's been a flurry of comments and questions about what seems to be a change in the ascription of zodiac signs, this is nothing new. I was asked about commenting on this and as I'm not an astrologer (but do follow astrological trends and incorporate that to a small degree in my readings). I feel it best to leave commentary to those whose field it is. My sister in law Deb found this article from CNN that addresses the issue quite well:

 On a somewhat unrelated note, I have had a resurgence of calls about doing house parties or group bookings away from the store. I'm sorry but due to my schedule and travel constraints all of my reading work is presently through the private reading room at Blackletter Books. I occasionally do some promotional and charity related things and will post that here.

Speaking of fundraising events, I can't attend this due to previous commitments but it might be interesting to check out, and Dominique's store is coming along nicely:
Psychic Fair Fundraiser,Saturday February 5th
12:00 – 4:00 at Elemental Book & Curiosity Shop, 355 Langside Street
Tarot card & runes will be read by donation. Coffee, tea and dainties will also be served by donation. Money raised will be going to the Gaia Winnipeg Scholarship fund This is a cash only event. For more information call Elemental Book & Curiosity Shop at 779-8900. or check out the store's fan page on Facebook.

Whew! That's a lot for now, stay warm!