Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Hello, Just a little catching up here. Sorry I haven't been as regular at posting things the last few weeks. Autumn has brought with it a change of priorities and some demands on a personal level (including a cold that Im now over) that took my focus elsewhere for a bit.

For my friends who have checked in recently you might notice I have moved some of the Tarot posts back a bit. Generally when I post these I will leave them up in a current state for a bit then change the dates and move them to the back part of the page. The reason being that for some coming onto the page for the first time they can be a bit more technical than the lighter posts I leave up. They're still here, just back in the archives.

A piece I was grateful to have had passed to me some time ago came up in conversation again recently. It is from Ken Wilber and comments on "Translative" and "Transformative" Spirituality.
I found it on the following website:
Going to the homepage of the site is a worthwhile excursion too, I will be refering to it further I'm sure.

Happy fall!