Tuesday, December 3, 2013

"When bad things happen watch for the helpers..."

Mr. Rogers said that. I have enormous respect for Mr. Rogers. He was referring to something his mother taught him when he was a child. "When bad things happen watch for the helpers..". The people that step up anyhow and do what they can or just stay close. I am reminded of that right now.
We had a bad thing happen at work. The location I presently predominantly Read through "Elemental Book And Curiosity Shop" had some senseless vandalism on the weekend, overnight before a big event, the first annual "Yule Fair". This is the second time in two years that this has happened but unfortunately I experienced it a few times before at previous locations. This is why we had the odd metal caging at  my previous location Blackletter Books. These things can be random, but for any practitioner outside the mainstream we know what it is to sometimes have to encounter ignorance, fear, prejudice and sometimes just plain bad behavior that's looking for something to target. It's challenging but we learn to meet this with courage and compassion. You don't let fear or bullies win.

I think Dominique's words summarize some things best so I will share her picture and what she wrote. that goes with it. But I also want to share that the event went on anyway that day, it was a great success and was very well attended. It's the kind of heart and soul that's going to go on anyway as long and strong as we can and there's helpers, watch for the helpers. To everyone that attended yesterday thank you, to the vendors and especially to Dominique and Jessica. You all inspire and embody the good spirit of community that it really IS all about.

Here's what Dominique shared: "

Yesterday was a fairly traumatic, hectic and sad day. The shop vandalised hours before a large event. Having to deal with police and boarding up windows while still maintaining a bright smile and a chipper attitude. Draining. So draining in... fact that I slept until 2pm this afternoon.

A day later I'm still sad. I'm sad for this person who turned my life upside down, who cost me time, money, security, and sleep. I'm sad for this person who is so afraid of the world, the power of knowledge, and self awareness that they lash out in violent ways in order to squelch that inner voice of hatred and self loathing. I'm sad that this person may never know how wonderful and beautiful they are if they just set aside all that fear and hate and just loved themselves a little more. Behaviour like this always stems from fear. Fear of not being enough, of being worthless, of not being loved, and a fear of being forgotten.

This nameless, faceless person will now have a place forever in infamy through an act of senseless anger. I feel sad for them. I feel sad that the only way they know how to make a change in the world is to destroy a piece of it.

I feel sad because no matter how many times someone tries to knock me down, I always get back up and fight for me. I know who I am, I know what I'm worth, and I know that I am loved. I make a choice everyday to be the person who I am. It's never easy but, it is always a choice. I choose to make change through creation. Creation of self, of relationships, and of love. For this, I will not be forgotten.

Dearest vandel, my heart bursts for you. I wish for you a life of self awareness and love. I wish for you a life of knowing your worth and living a life of valuable creation. You hurt me. You hurt my business and my family. I forgive you. I forgive you because I know that the hurt you have caused can in no way compare to the hurt you must feel everyday to express yourself in such a destructive way. You cry out through violence and I hear you. It makes me sad, but I hear you. Be well my friend. Be happy.

As always, I am a fighter. I'm back on me feet, shaking off the glass and ready to face whatever the universe throws at me. I come back stronger with every setback and challenge. I know who I am and what I'm worth. I know I am loved and I know that I am living a meaningful life. I am, as always, happy."

Elemental Book and Curiosity Shop

She really is quite a wonderfully magical friend to know..