Thursday, October 24, 2013

Creative growth, a birthday and a call out for ideas!

Some of the further lovely changes and upgrades around the location that I presently predominantly read through  at "Elemental Book & Curiosity Shop". You can see more under the page heading "Pictorial Tour".

This is the reading room which can comfortably accommodate either a private reading or a small group. It also functions as workshop/classroom space.

Although I have been reading in Winnipeg professionally for over 31 years I have only been in this location for a year and a half (see the link under "About My Work" that talks about my previous professional experience).

Incidentally, Elemental celebrates it's 3rd birthday tomorrow (Friday Oct.25th), Dominique had previously had a home based business called "Cloaked Realm". We are two separate but co-operative businesses and I am greatly enjoying the experience here in the West End of Winnipeg. Dominique is very knowledgeable,  has a wide range of experience and responsibly sells things from books relating to different spiritual and magical practices as well as incense, crystals and other beautiful items, to tools and gifts as well as a wide selection of Tarot decks and related items.

I haven't had a chance to keep up here on the blog lately or with the Youtube videos but as we get into the fall/winter season I hope to catch up more. If you have a suggestion or question for article topics please drop me a line. I am exploring a lot of possibilities for how my work can grow. Stay tuned for further developments and keep in touch!