Saturday, December 31, 2011


 2012 is sure to be interesting, full of challenge and for many, a time of growth. I am not a prophet of world events, I am often asked for predictions around this time of year. Some readers talk about sports teams, celebrities and politics, and fun as that may be I don't generally get vibes around those things. I have to point out that my area of work is more on a personal level with people. The individual challenges we face, but there is much from that which shows me trends and patterns that affect us all.

 I believe this year is the end of an epoch, and we will look back on it as a starting point, the seeds of which have been already sprouting over the last few decades. I will be talking about this and a few other things tomorrow (New Year's Day) on a local radio show with astrologer Brenda Johnson, her program "Shamanic Times" is on CKUW 95.9FM at 1:30 PM, there are podcasts that you can listen to in the show's archives and this will be added to that*, I will update this post when that becomes available. The link to Brenda's webpage and to more information about the show itself is:

*The archive of shows is at and our exchange is the January 1st program, as we had the opportunity to start a half hour earlier (the show is normally a half hour) unfortunately the archive only caught the last half hour of the program. It comes in amid a discussion on male and female energetic work.  Brenda is so informative about the astrological aspects and was a very gracious host and has kindly invited me back. I will post when that is to be and her weekly show is something I always get a lot out of.

Further to 2012, I have posted the following clip on the  Trevorsense Facebook page and will share it again here. A wonderful old song by Cole Porter, it expresses a lot of my feelings of joy in the face of challenge; "Let's Face The Music And Dance"!

I'd like to also mention that 2012 marks 30 years of my work professionally. I have to thank the many friends, teachers, patrons and colleagues that have helped and that I still learn from. A very blessed, happy and constructive 2012 to one and all!