Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Creative Family - My Sister in Law Deb's photos

I come from a creative family. My father was in the printing trade and my mother is a very creative thinker ( I could post a million pages about her alone - I quote her quite often).

Each of my older brothers is involved in the visual arts in some way. My brother Dan and his wife both paint. I've blogged about him before (as some of his paintings grace my reading room), as does his wife Donna. One of Dan's kids, his daughter Erika, is a writer. My brother Ben works in the graphic arts field as well as dabbling in writing ( I will post a few things by him, by and by).
My eldest brother Chris and his wife Deb are both connected to photography and design related areas. I saw some of Deb's photographs online recently and asked her permission to share them. All of the pictures in this post are by her.

They are copy written and cannot be reproduced or used
without her permission. I am hoping she sends me a link I can post and share here. Her pictures have a lot of soul, sometimes irony, and a way of seeing the world differently - all things I like.

The picture on the left is called "Salon Saturday" but  offset the bad salon day with the one on the right  that is her "Patsy Stone - Secret Agent" look!