Friday, July 31, 2009

A Clip From One Of My Favorite Films

The word "Baraka" apparently means "Blessing". This film has touched me very deeply and continues to every time I see it. It is along the same lines as the films "Powaquatsi" and "Koyanisqatsi". All three are a montage of videos set to music from all over the world.

I came across "Baraka" when I first encountered the group "Dead Can Dance" ( their name being about music making the inanimate animate), as they do some of the music in the film and their in-concert DVD "Toward The Within" features a clip from "Baraka" at it's beginning.

The recurrent theme is a sense of spirit and faith that runs through all things. Stunning footage and an incredible soundtrack.

Here is a synopsis from IMD (

"Without words, cameras show us the world, with an emphasis not on "where," but on "what's there." It begins with morning, natural landscapes and people at prayer: volcanoes, water falls, veldts, and forests; several hundred monks do a monkey chant. Indigenous peoples apply body paint; whole villages dance. The film moves to destruction of nature via logging, blasting, and strip mining. Images of poverty, rapid urban life, and factories give way to war, concentration camps, and mass graves. Ancient ruins come into view, and then a sacred river where pilgrims bathe and funeral pyres burn. Prayer and nature return. A monk rings a huge bell; stars wheel across the sky. Written by {} "

Here is the Youtube link to a clip: