Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Background Music For Readings

One thing that I've found challenging over the years is having suitable background music for readings. So many ambient albums get annoying after awhile. Others will have about 8 good tracks and then suddenly go off into a mood.

Having background music that is not distracting but also not too "elevator" ish has been an ongoing quest. I have settled into using the same album for about 25 years!

Kitaro's Silk road was at first a double cassette that I found in Prairie Sky Books (where I do a lot of my work related shopping, it's in the "favorite sites and local resources" section you will see on the left of this page). I played it and played it for about 8 years and it was getting worn out.

One day I was in another shop that was going out of business and happened to stop to talk to a friend. I leaned on a shelf of CD's on sale and when I looked down my hand was resting on the double CD of the same music. It was meant to be. I have since burned it onto the second hand clunker of a computer in my office and it continues to play.

I do have other music and sometimes play it but this seems to be what works and, because it's been playing for so long, I sort of no longer hear it but would miss it if it were gone.
Here is a youtube sample of it: