Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Hi! My name is Trevor. I am a well known, Winnipeg based, psychic intuitive Tarot reader.

This blog is all about sharing some of my experience in the field of intuitive work, as well as resources I find helpful and inspiring. 

If you are interested in my work and approach, please visit the sections shown at the top of this page titled "About My Work"  or "Contact/Appointments" for information about private appointments or the on-line aspect of my work for far away clients over Skype. 

 I have posted  a series on Youtube video around some random thoughts on the Tarot and other related areas of interest and inspiration along with a behind the scenes sharing of what goes into my work. These and other articles follow this post. You can also find me on Facebook

My independent booking number forwards wherever I go. 
Please call (204)504-9575 to arrange a session. 

Or if you are coming in from out of town and wish to book ahead, email me - including your phone number - to info@trevorsense.com  and I will call you back.

Please note that arrangements and scheduling are best made by phone, as my calendar can change in the time it takes for messages to go back and forth.

Thanks for finding me and if I can be of service in however you are seeking, I hope to hear from you!

Good News And Bad News For 2017

Some thoughts on working with mindfulness practice in Intuitive work and vice versa, reading is relating. Tarot can be an excellent tool in helping to identify life patterns. The valuable questions in challenging situations: "do others feel this too?" and "Is this new? In my life? In the world?". Finally the Good news and bad news as we enter a new year and wishing everyone a happy, warm and safe holiday season. 

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Places to Eat, Shop And Relax Near My Work

Click this link for a little tour (from my Facebook page) of the lovely atmosphere around my work. Great eateries, patios and interesting shops of Corydon along with the ambience of Crescentwood. Perfect for before or after a reading! Call (204)504-9575  to arrange a session:

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

On Preparing For A Reading (for both reader and client)

Some thoughts on how to prepare for a reading (both for the reader and the client). Journalling before and after, looking at the bigger picture of our lives, not just the immediate questions.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Spring!

Hoping everyone is having a lovely holiday weekend. I am heading in to a steady day at work today and I have some good appointment flexibility in the weeks ahead. Even when I am away from the studio voice mail forwards to me and I can be setting up appointments. Please note I cannot make arrangements or discuss availability by text or messenger/email as options and particulars sometimes have to go back and forth. Please call (204)504-9575 to arrange a time that's right for you. Happy spring!

Friday, February 12, 2016

On Working With Various Decks And Styles. Using A Non-Illustrated Minor Arcana In Training

On the value of working with various styles of decks, the importance in training,of using a non illustrated Minor Arcana. I also touch on a little Tarot history and how decks evolve. For more information about my work as well as how to book an appointment, please visit the top sections of this page. Also wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Further On Building Associations With The Cards

On Building associations with the cards, visualizing the deck and seeing our "blind spots". I value constructive comments and suggestions for further videos and articles. Have a great week everyone!